Parents are always concerned about their children's eating habits and development, therefore Kids Culinaire has been created as a fun way to get children to interact with food so they are able to make healthier choices. We do not say "don't eat fast food" or "don't eat cookies", we focus on balance and have created fun around food to achieve what Popeye has with Spinach.
This 2 day festival has been designed keeping little ones and their parents/caregivers in mind. It will be full of fun workshops, interesting information, exciting activities and cool contests. Through this festival, we also hope to raise awareness about some relevant concerns around food today such as lifestyle diseases, food allergies, proper hygiene, etc..
Mission : Our mission is to make food "fun" for children and thereby bring about a transformation in eating habits among children.

Entry for children below the age of 3 years is free

Tickets for children between the age group 3-12years are for Rs. 500/- and entitle the child to an activity passbook

All other tickets cost Rs. 250/-

Dates : TBC
Venue : TBC
Time: TBC